SEO or search engine optimization is the way to find a web site in the internet which is free and anyone can use this engine. Though nowadays many people are familiar with the internet, there are lots of people who do not know about SEO and they do not realize that this search engine is the one who helps them every day. All we have to do is just to put any word or keyword and this SEO will make a list on all websites or web pages which are related with the word.

We know that we cannot separate people from the internet or we can say that people cannot live without their internet connection nowadays. Internet holds an important part in every aspect in this life and it is also easier for us to do everything when we have internet connection. Because lots of people use internet, there are lots of things available on the internet and we need SEO to help us find something easily.

With search engine optimization or SEO, we can find even the smallest thing on the internet as long as we type a specific and unique keyword. SEO also helps all websites and web pages to promote their services and goods for people who need it.


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