Creative Design Bali provides you with great services of web production and company profile which suit your interest and need:

1. Web Development

Web development and web design are two of the important tools used by a company to improve its visual profile. However, people often see those two things have similar functions and aspects. But they are totally different. In general words, web development concerns on the programming and the interactions, while web design concerns on the appearance of a site.

In doing web design, the designer works hard to provide a unique and attractive look, so a site will be frequently visited by customers. In creating a website, we hold five principles, namely balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity. For example, we cannot mix colors randomly. We know very well the heavy and light elements to be put on a layout. We also consider unity in contents, themes, colors, and other aspects. As a web designer, we are able to design your web so the customers have no difficulties in navigating.

Web development works with the pages. It focuses on the website, the programming, and the interaction. A web developer must ensure the customers will get what they want from the website. Besides, he has to make sure that a website works well. As a good and smart developer, we use scripts like PHP and CGI to develop a website. Give us some tasks to help you.

2. Graphic Design

For decades, images and pictures are used to deliver messages and ideas about some things. We do not need thousands of words if one or two pictures could make people understand of what we want and need. That’s why pictures are sometimes used as a communication tool. It also applies to gaphic design, or in another name we know as communication design. We use visual and textual content to say certain messages or opinions to the viewers. Gaphic design itself usually comes in the form of graphics, words, or images. This discipline can work well with any scale, from companies with digital avatars to digital content of international newspapers.

Graphic designers, for years, have been dealing with various ideas and opinions through newspapers, magazines, posters, packages, and others. For adoring the web, graphic designers tasked to show digital or physical displays. These displays will provide information in details of a site. The designers are also responsible for the responses given by the customers. That’s why they have to somehow give an attractive and interesting look to a site.

Gaphic design does many things like creating logos, industrial design, advertisement, or website user interfaces. Just like us, we can do such things for your company. If you want some help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the way to find a web site in the internet which is free and anyone can use this engine. Though nowadays many people are familiar with the internet, there are lots of people who do not know about SEO and they do not realize that this search engine is the one who helps them every day. All we have to do is just to put any word or keyword and this SEO will make a list on all websites or web pages which are related with the word.

We know that we cannot separate people from the internet or we can say that people cannot live without their internet connection nowadays. Internet holds an important part in every aspect in this life and it is also easier for us to do everything when we have internet connection. Because lots of people use internet, there are lots of things available on the internet and we need SEO to help us find something easily.

With search engine optimization or SEO, we can find even the smallest thing on the internet as long as we type a specific and unique keyword. SEO also helps all websites and web pages to promote their services and goods for people who need it.

4. Services add Follower on Twitter also like on Facebook

Just admit that we are now living in era that everybody loves seeing Facebook to count how many likes on our posts or seeing Twitter to count how many retweets we got from our tweets. If we have thousands fans on Facebook or hundreds followers on Twitter, it is possible to get thousands of likes or retweets. For some people who run a business, followed or subscribed by many followers provides an excellent opportunity. Through their accounts, products and service will be well-known by the followers. But it could be bad for those who only have dozen of followers.

We offer service add follower Twitter and like Facebook so your business will run well. It’s easy and simple to add more followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook as well. Twitter and Facebook Bio hold an important role to gain more followers. The bio is used to give a brief explanation about yourself or your company and what do you do. If you or your company has a blog, then it will be useful. Followers or fans will get more information in details about yourself, about your experiences, or about your products. Put the link on Facebook and Twitter, and see what happens next. Actually there are more ways and tips from our service add follower Twitter and like Facebook. Just contact us if you want to know more.

5. Corporate Identity

As a customer, of course we will buy and use products made of reputable and reliable companies. We do not want to make ourselves regret of having some things which are not good enough. Some people will do a research on internet before deciding to buy kitchen set, for instance. Company profile and image define public interest to purchase its products. That’s why corporate identity is really important. The identity itself usually provides visual elements of a company to be seen by the viewers or customers. It is used to give such brief explanations about company’s people, culture, beliefs, and others. Through corporate identity, people will know company’s position in the markets as well.

Generally, there are three elements needed to build corporate identity, namely what value your customers will get, what system that can support you in creating the identity and the value, and the products and services used to convey the value. The proper identity will help your company known both locally and internationally. It will lead your business to the top or the highest rank among the competitors. A good corporate identity must be combined well with company’s reputation as they support each other. If you want to build the best identity for your company, you can ask our help.

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