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Having a personal website or blog becomes the desire of lots of people because this gives them unlimited opportunities to share their thoughts, opinions and feelings. They can write and post pictures about things they like or experiences in their personal website. Even, they can also monetize their website and blog by writing product reviews or becoming an affiliate. Meaning to say, a personal website and blog enables people to live to the fullest.

Because the main reason to write or share pictures is to share with other people, a personal website should have an interesting design. If people are interested in the design, they will willingly read the information provided in the website. Then, a personal website should enable the owner to post, edit and manage their website easily and fast. Everything should be simple even when owners want to reply visitors’ comments.

The best solution to have a good personal website or blog is to choose a personalized web package. It is true that the design of a personal website should be different from the design of a business website because a personal website must have owners’ personal touch. Therefore, hiring a web designer that is able to tailor their services to meet customers’ expectation is the best solution.


Template Personal Website and Web Blog

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Example. background white, all teks black, navigation menu blue

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