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Are you an author or publisher who is looking for an effective way to promote your masterpieces? Have you have a website or fan page? Living in this internet does not immediately make people understand the importance of having a website. In fact, whether you are promoting your own book or other authors’ books, you can always use a website as your promotion media. A website is not only an inexpensive but also an effective way to promote.

In order to get the best result from your website, you must make sure that your website provides all important information about the author and the books. Author biography should be clearly written while books descriptions must be provided. The website should be easy to use so that your visitors can visit any page easily. It is necessary for you provide fast search tool to enable your visitors finding certain information fast.

Then, to help more people finding you and your masterpieces more easily, you must make your website to be on the top of search engines. In this case, hiring an expert in search engine optimization is necessary because an expert surely has the best solution for your condition. You also need to make use of social media network to help promoting your books.


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